🎄 xmas cut-off dates 🎄

orders placed after 12 december will be processed from the 28 dec

please bare in mind that these cut-off dates are a guideline are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances


 dates destination
21st november australia, new zealand, china
28th november africa, central and south america, cyprus, eastern europe (except czech republic, poland and slovakia), far and middle east, greece, malta, turkey
1st december canada, czech republic, finland, italy, poland, sweden, usa
4th december austria, denmark, germany, iceland, ireland, netherlands, norway, portugal, slovakia, spain, switzerland
7th december belgium, france, luxemburg
10th december united kingdom


if it has passed the cut-off date, but you'd still like to order, your parcel may still arrive in time for 25th december, or shortly after - for more information, please see our shipping policy.