sample: matcha (l)


only 1 left in stock!

sometimes we make a lil' oops in our dyeing process which leads to 'little less than perfect' pairs. in the spirit of zero waste and sustainability, we'll be selling these pairs under retail price.

so what's wrong with them? perhaps the colour is a little inconsistent or a bit blotchy... nevertheless, they still do their job (& still look cute 😉) and so they're available to you at a discount!

  • condition: 6.5/10
  • problem: mismatch colours on pairs
  • 70% cotton 30% poly

note: this pair is part of our sample sale which has been discounted due to minor imperfections.

we ship from the uk - for information on international shipping, please visit here.

please note that all our products are made to order and require 3-10 working days for processing. once processed and dispatched, the shipping speed applies.

* monday to friday, excluding national holidays.

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