here at SS.LAM, we're striving towards becoming a more sustainable and eco-friendly small business. to do so, we promise to:


ensure all our packaging is plastic-freeĀ āŒ

not onlyĀ is your orderĀ delivered in plastic-free packaging, but everything down to ourĀ stickersĀ is sustainably sourced. this includes our sock labels which are made with recycled card and our tissue paper which is printed with soy-based inks onto fscĀ certified acid-freeĀ paper. we also actively plant trees with the non-profit organisation, One Tree Planted.Ā we're proudĀ to say that 100% of our packaging is eco-friendly as they are recyclable, reusable and/or biodegradable.Ā 

continue to invest in small sustainable businessesĀ šŸ’ø

wherever we can, we choose to buy supplies from local smallĀ businesses with the same sustainability goals as us. this not only promotes low carbon footprint, but also encourages other businesses to make the switch and follow suit.

promote and encourage zero wasteĀ ā™»ļø

sometimesĀ we make a minorĀ 'oops' in the dying process which makes our products a little bit less than perfect. instead of throwing these 'imperfect' and completely usable socks away, we donate them to charity or sell them to our customers at a huge discounted rate. all our socks find a home at the end of the day!